Xtreme Remover | Kill and remove mould from around the home with Xtreme Mould Remover.
Fast working and helps protect from Mould regrowth for up to 24 months
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Destroys Mould and Mildew

Xtreme Mould Remover contains Benzylkonium Chloride as the active ingredient to kill mould. This has outstanding fungicidal properties without the risks and negatives associated with traditional Chlorine which is the basis for most commonly used bleaches. Xtreme Mould Remover will begin killing mould instantly.

Protect for months and months… and months.

Where Xtreme Mould Remover differs from any other products that use Benzylkonium Chloride is that our specially developed formula also contains a number of unique ingredients that maintain the active killing power for months creating a barrier against re-infestation by mould spores for up to 24 months under ideal conditions.


Long Lasting

How does Xtreme Mould Remover last so long? Once applied to a dry surface Xtreme Mould Remover bonds to the affected material and continues to cling on, prolonging its killing activity.

It’s natural environment is our active ingredient.

It’s no accident that Xtreme Mould Remover has been designed to work under the exact conditions that mould loves… high humidity and moisture. These conditions keep the protective molecule in Xtreme Mould Remover functional and because moisture is a pre-requisite for mould growth this means our product is even more effective when Mould wants to flourish.


Use it on almost anything

Xtreme Mould Remover will destroy mould wherever it appears and if the instructions are followed, will provide protection against re-infestation on any of these materials. Clothes, fabric or any other item of laundry will remain protected even after washing although, as might be expected, the length of protection afforded will be influenced by how many times the item is washed. 

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Xtreme Mould Remover, will destroy mould on contact and begin to bond to the surface. It will do that best if the mould and the surface on which it is feeding is dry.  Having dried, (usually after a few hours) the effect will be enhanced by the application of a little moisture; that could be just a wipe with a damp cloth or a spray with a water mist, depending upon the circumstances.

Once the mould has been destroyed there will normally be the requirement to remove all the dead material. If that dead material is enough to have prevented the Xtreme Mould Remover from having contact with the surface proper, then we recommend a further application to ensure the surface is coated and protected.


Because Xtreme Mould Remover is designed to use the elements, this product is perfect for long term protection in outside areas. For best results, the area must be dry when you apply Xtreme Mould Remover. This allows the product to bond to the surface so that when moisture or rain comes, the product is ready to be activated. If there has been no rain after 6-8 hours, the treated area can be lightly wetted to enhance the process.

Use on fabrics - carpet, leather, clothes etc

Xtreme Mould Remover can be safely used on fabrics by simply following our instructions. It will destroy mould and provide protection against re-infestation on clothes, leather, canvas, carpet and any other fabrics. Item of laundry will remain protected even after washing, although the length of protection will be influenced by how many times the item is washed.

High Humidity Conditions

Mould thrives in high humidity conditions. It’s no accident that we’ve made Xtreme Mould Remover to work best in the same conditions. High humidity keeps the protective molecule in Xtreme Mould Remover functional helping fight re-emergence. Periodic reapplication of Xtreme Mould Remover will keep any surface protected against re-infestation.