Xtreme Remover | The expert Marine Mould Remover
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Designed for Marine Environments

Building upon the Research and Development of the Xtreme Outdoor Mould Remover, Xtreme Marine Mould Remover is a unique formula created especially to combat the serious consequences of mould infestation on board marine craft. Xtreme Marine Mould Remover is safe to use for the control and prevention of all indoor and external mould.

Kill mould and protect from regrowth.

Our specially developed (bleach free) formula has been adapted to optimise it’s killing power and to provide advanced protection against mould regrowth, so you can now enjoy the benefi ts of our mould remover in even the most demanding marine environments.


No Bleach. No issues.

Bleach is an effective, but harsh chemical that is often used in the fight against mould. While bleach may kill mould it does not prevent regrowth, and is harsh on surfaces. Bleach can cause oxidation, (loss of shine to hard surfaces), can remove coloured dye from fabrics and can cause stitching to deteriorate and break.

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