Xtreme Remover | Red Wine Stain Removal and Mould Removal products.
Products for the removal of mould around the home and for Red Wine stains.
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Xtreme Red Wine Remover

For that accidental spill

Remove red wine stains using the latest scientifically formulated Xtreme solution.
A revolutionary product that is the result of years of research and development.
Keep it handy for that accidental spill.





Destroy mould + keep it away

Xtreme Mould Remover is scientifically formulated with active ingredients designed to immediately kill bacteria, mould, moss, algae, mildew, lichen and much more, while infusing a protective agent  that prevents re-emergence.

Designed to utilise the weathering activity of the elements. Xtreme Mould Remover continues to work over a prolonged period of time and provides exceptional long-term protection.


Xtreme Mould Remover

The expert at killing marine mould

Building upon the Research and Development of the Xtreme Outdoor Mould Remover, Xtreme Marine Mould Remover is a unique formula created especially to combat the serious consequences of mould infestation on board marine craft. Xtreme Marine Mould Remover is safe to use for the control and prevention of all indoor and external mould.



Where to buy Xtreme Products

Xtreme products

With over 25 years of scientific research and development experience we focus on specific cleaning products to create entirely new solutions.

Wherever possible, we also aim to provide a remedy that not only removes a problem, but protects against re-emergence.

Xtreme Remover Range
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